Embrace Your Masculinity

What does society do to us men? It forces us to hide our masculinity, it forces us to behave like women; like they are some kind of ideal standard. Worst of all, the biggest crime of them all, is labelling masculinity as “toxic”.

Men are built to fight, compete, win and explore, this is in our DNA and it is what contributed to the progression of society. The very thing that helped us build society, the essence of our DNA, masculinity, is determined to be toxic. This desire to explore, build, create, compete and fight is engrained in our DNA.

How do I know this? Well, men have been doing this for a long time, since the dawn of time. It is what we evolved to do and what Darwin selected. Society hates this, they want us to be women and forgo our DNA and our ancestry.

How do we fix this? Well, looking at MGTOW and Red Pill, we lift weights, learn to fight, make money, build confidence, learn social skills and learn how to pursue our mission. We kick women of that pedestal as well as the rest of society that tries to demonise us. This as some links with the groups of men who focus on self development, chasing success and excellence and pursue our mission. This is a common trend in all groups of men who aim to embrace their masculinity.

Don’t be afraid to chase your masculinity and embrace your desire to compete and win. Find groups of like minded men to help with this. Do not give in to the pressure to forgo your masculinity. Do not feel guilty about your masculinity, you must embrace it.

I have included my YouTube Video below on this topic.

Published by Spartigus

Spartigus here, I have been going my own way and pursuing my hobbies and passions for over 10 years. Let us live the dream men!

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