Lessons from people with poor financial skills – Minimalism and MGTOW

What can we learn from people with poor financial skills and what strategies to implement minimalism to build wealth and go your own way. In this video I will discuss what we can learn and how we can apply this to a MGTOW lifestyle.

Welcome Men!

In this channel I will discuss all topics with a MGTOW lens applied, like it should be applied to life. I will focus on topics I have experience in and feel are important parts of my life that I hold dear to myself.


  • Going Your Own Way
  • Investing
  • BJJ
  • Motorcycles

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Talking Points

  • What can we learn about those who live with less money?
  • What lessons in wealth can we take from the poor?


  • Its that YOU can live on less money, become more independent and build financial freedom
  • Independence and freedom is the essence of MGTOW
  • The essence is living below your means, and looking at how poor people live can help you learn where to cut back
  • Some of the essences of minimalism resonate well with MGTOW

What can we lean:

  • Health of your body is important – Lifestyle diseases do not discriminate, so look after your body – Get strong
  • Be street smart on how to survive life very cheaply – Learn where true value lies and how to roll with people – Learn how to fight
  • Know how to look after your stuff you own and fix it – When you buy stuff, buy good quality stuff that will last and can be repaired
  • Strong ties with a good community – Good soft skills and a good network – Embrace the MGTOW and Red Pill brothers – Help spread the good word
  • Don’t have to spend money keeping up with the Jones’s – Focus on building your wealth
  • Be creative and learn to solve your own problems – Maybe start a business from it
  • Financial discipline is the essence of financial freedom


  • Minimalism is something I encourage a lot, not necessarily just living with nothing.
  • But being able to distill your life to the most important things you care about and stepping away from consumerism
  • Its important to have hobbies and interests and things in your life that give you happiness
  • But it is important to balance this with choices and consequences
  • Minimalism is an opportunity to do this, the ability to focus on what truely matters and ignore what does not

Published by Spartigus

Spartigus here, I have been going my own way and pursuing my hobbies and passions for over 10 years. Let us live the dream men!

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