Wirex – The Best Crypto Card

Welcome Men. In this video I will be talking about how I integrate Cryptocurrency into my day to day spending and life using Wirex. They offer Bitcoin as cash back which is great for us hodlers.

Talking Points in Video

Benefits and Solutions:

  • Seemless Crypto and Fiat integration
  • Unbelievably easy to use
  • No Aus fees for adding Fiat and no currency conversion spread
  • Buy Crypto using your local currency
  • BTC as Cashback, not their tokens
  • Easy to add FIAT, takes as long as transferring money with your internet banking app and is just as easy
  • Fiat comes in as your local currency
  • No ongoing fees
  • Don’t need to hold their token to get Cashback and rewards, but holding their token adds cashback and rewards

Published by Spartigus

Spartigus here, I have been going my own way and pursuing my hobbies and passions for over 10 years. Let us live the dream men!

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