Life Goals and Motivation for 2020 from Fight Club

Talking points in the video


  • This is one of my favourite scenes in Fight Club.
  • How often do you get stuck in the monotony of life, pressure by bills and pressure to just go with what life dictates.
  • Days meld into weeks into months and year.
  • Is that is us Men Going Our Own Way?


  • This scene in fight club highlights a regular man who decided not to follow his dreams, he received the greatest form of motivation.
  • Why should we let society crush us and force us to be part of something we hate and forgo our dreams?
  • Do we need someone to come into our life with a gun and force us to chase our dreams?
  • Sometimes it feels that we need that.


  • Depending on your friends… You may not be able to find someone to do that, but can we be our own Tyler?
  • Do we have our own Tyler inside us to help us?
  • Fight Club shows us we do, we just need to listen to him.
  • We have the ability, with discipline, to work on ourself every day, on our mission.
  • As men going our own way, we have an obligation to ourself to pursue this
  • These goals HAVE to extend beyond girls, relationships and societal norms
  • Much like the narrator grows beyond his empty life through Tylers help
  • We have to break away and focus on our own goals and dreams and focus on them like our life depends on it.
  • As our life DOES depend on it.
  • We have to chase our dreams to go our own way

Published by Spartigus

Spartigus here, I have been going my own way and pursuing my hobbies and passions for over 10 years. Let us live the dream men!

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