Embrace Your Masculinity

Pragmatism – Epistemology – Red Pill – Hobbies


  • Build knowledge and skills
  • Embrace solitude
  • Fight and lift weights


  • Don’t waste money on trash
  • Own what adds value
  • Learn how to create


  • Financial freedom
  • Multiple income streams
  • Investing

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Embrace Your Masculinity

What does society do to us men? It forces us to hide our masculinity, it forces us to behave like women; like they are some kind of ideal standard. Worst of all, the biggest crime of them all, is labelling masculinity as “toxic”.

Wirex – The Best Crypto Card

Welcome Men. In this video I will be talking about how I integrate Cryptocurrency into my day to day spending and life using Wirex. They offer Bitcoin as cash back which is great for us hodlers.